• Iphone being released June 29th.

    Iphone being released June 29th.

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  • iPhone battery better than first thought

    Apple now admits the talk time on the new Iphone will be about 8 hours.

    The Apple Iphone will support 6 hours of internet surfing, 7 hours of video playback and over 23 hours of music playback while being able to sit idle for 10 days before requiring a charging.

    Another change is that the screen will be made of glass instead of the orginal plastic first designed. This glass screen will make it very scratch resistance.

    Currently the only service provider will be AT&T and the units will be sold by Apple stores only.

    Right now the Apple Iphone will start at $499 and $599. Only difference will be 4 gigs of storage or 8 gigs of storage.

    Can’t wait until June 29th!

  • The Apple IRack

  • iPhone and OS X – to be or not to be

    Slashdot features an excellent post about the iPhone OS, and whether or not it will run OS X (Darwin).

    “We know that Steve Jobs has said the iPhone won’t accept third-party apps. The iPhone looks to be running on a Samsung provided ARM core processor. That means it’s not running on an Intel (or PPC) core. That means it’s not running OS X in any meaningful sense (Apple can brand toilet paper as running OS X if they like). Darwin, the BSD based operating system that underlies what Apple has previously been calling OS X, does not run on ARM processors. The Darwin / Apple Public Source licensing agreement says the source would have to be made available if it is modified and sold (paraphrased; read it yourself). A Cingular rep has said the iPhone version of the OS source will not be made available. It will be closed, like the iPod OS and not like Darwin. So if it ain’t Darwin, it ain’t OS X (in any meaningful way). An InfoWorld article on an FBR Research report breaks down iPhone component providers and lists Samsung as the chip maker for the main application / video cpu. So, that leaves the question… What OS is this phone really running? Not Linux or the source would need to be open.”

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